The Revival of the Arts

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There’s a modern theory that’s been making its way around the place again recently involving the possibly optimistic – but certainly interesting – revival of the arts into modern culture in a way that hasn’t been seen since the Renaissance. This new Renaissance, it’s been suggested, will be driven by the advent of new technology. The general idea is, more or less, as follows: as more and more machines end up doing more and more work for human kind, we, as a species, will have a lot more free time to do what we like, whether that’s playing video games, visiting an art gallery, or reading a book. Seems simple enough, but a “New Renaissance” might sound like a bit much.

The XP Dilemma

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Windows this week have finally completed their plans to phase out Windows XP from their support systems. It’s taken a while and the controversial move has left many businesses high and dry as far as their security and tech support is concerned – about one quarter of the world’s business computer systems use XP, and this has left one hell of a hole. System admins will be gritting their teeth and looking forward with a fair amount of trepidation.

Day Tripping

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When you spend a lot of time working anywhere – whether it’s in the office or away in another, much more exciting, environment, there’s bound to be times when you’re not so keen on staying indoors and working and would like a little bit of a holiday. Fortunately, for the digital nomad this isn’t too much to ask. Choosing to live and work in an exotic and exciting country opens up a lot of roads, and even when you get bored of where you are right now, that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of places nearby that are well worth visiting.

Why It’s Important To Stay Ahead Of Technology

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Digital nomading – what most of our readers look at this blog for – would not be possible without the enormous advances in modern technology that have occurred over the last twenty-or-so years. Without a fast internet connection, good laptops and online sharing techniques, it simply would not be possible to have the kind of freedom with work that is celebrated by being a digital nomad. As such, we need to make sure to be in tune with technology.

Bitcoins – A Short Guide

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More and more transactions these days are happening with the latest in modern currency – the bitcoin. And if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will in the next few years. Bitcoins are favourable to people because they grant complete anonymity in transactions – this isn’t just favourable in the dodgy and dangerous world of illegal trade; it’s generally a great way to handle your money, or would be if it weren’t for a) the illegal trade connotations and b) the volatility of the currency. Nevertheless, bitcoins are set to take a place in the stage of the world’s trading, and it’s always best to keep up-to-date with these things. So, here’s our guide.

Some Very Useful Technological Tools

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Whether you’re trying to build your business or streamline it, make a website or buy one, or are just trying to travel and work on your personal blog as you go, we’ve collected a list of some really great resources that have at some point or another been a great help to us. Now, first of all, you won’t find all of these tools useful – in fact, you might consider some entirely useless – but to us they have been at some point or another an invaluable help, and we’re proud to give a little something back by improving their market base (albeit by a tiny, tiny amount). Have a look through the list and see if there’s anything you like – we’ve tried to keep it as inexpensive and practical as possible.

Better, Faster, Stronger, Lighter – Alternatives To Laptops

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Taking a laptop with you when you’re travelling and working is – in most cases – the best option, simple because it can do much more that even the most advanced tablet. This is generally in tasks that most of the time most people don’t think about. But trust us; when the time comes you’ll be punching yourself for not bringing your laptop because you thought you’d be able to do everything on a tablet. It’s sadly just not true yet – laptops are still better.

Essentials for a globetrotting poker player

poker chips
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Top 3 Must-Haves for any player who wants to still play overseas

One of the awesome things about being a professional poker player is the opportunity to become a globetrotter and compete in some of the world’s most historic and exotic places. From Las Vegas and Paris, to South Africa and Macau, poker professionals fly to the world’s best gaming hotspots to try their luck in high-stakes poker tournaments. But often, because of the tight window in between such events, poker players tend to forget some of the essentials of travelling and competing overseas. So before making flimsy excuses for leaving things behind, here are the Top 3 Must-Haves of a travelling poker player.

SIM Cards and Emergency WiFi

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The modern world – even the parts of it that are still not so modern – is flooded with various WiFi networks that most people should be able to hop onto without too much trouble. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and hundreds of other places where you can sit, buy a little something, and spend the next three hours working in good conscience with a decent Internet connection and very little fuss. Sadly, though, this isn’t always the case and there will come a time when you need the Internet and simply can’t find anywhere that’ll help. We have a little system that can be used in these emergencies, and it might cost a lot but it’s certainly worth keeping in reserve.

Visas and Taxes – How to be Careful

airport laptop
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When working abroad, either as a digital-nomad kind of thing or as something a little more traditional, you’ll need to keep a firm grip on your visa to make sure it’s the correct one, and make sure that you’re not eligible for taxation. Or, if you are eligible for taxation, make sure that you’re paying the right amount. The problem with free-form travelling and working is that before you know it you may well have spent three months working in a country without realising it, and could technically be eligible for a lot of fines and maybe even – horror of horrors – an arrest warrant.